A Phoenix Original

Ambrosia® Gourmet Frozen Yogurt began creating smiles in 1984 in Phoenix, Arizona. The West Coast frozen yogurt craze was gaining momentum and a local yogurt retailer approached us to see if we could produce an upscale gourmet quality frozen yogurt. Two years later, Ambrosia® Gourmet Frozen Yogurt moved the production to Oakland, California.

Going Nonfat & Going Chocolate

Having successfully entered the marketplace, Ambrosia undertook a leadership role in innovation, developing the first gourmet quality, all naturally flavored, nonfat frozen yogurt (until then, everything had contained 2%-3.5% milkfat). The excitement continued when we added Ghirardelli® Cocoa, a local favorite, to Ambrosia's® frozen yogurt base, thus introducing Ambrosia's® Golden Gate Chocolate...the first premium chocolate frozen yogurt introduced to the soft frozen yogurt market!

No Sugar Added... Fruit'n Ice™ Mr. Smith's™ Custard

Another first was Ambrosia's® Gourmet No-Sugar-Added Nonfat-in 5 flavors-to make the treat available to people on sugar-restricted diets. Over the next several years, the full line of Ambrosia® dessert products grew to include nondairy Fruit 'N Ice Sorbet™ and Mr. Smith's™ Old Fashioned Custard Mix. These products provide retailers a full scope of offerings, from a 100% nondairy product to a premium soft serve ice cream.

All across the Country... from Phoenix

We are proud to announce that in 2012 the entire Ambrosia® line has come back home to Arizona and is now produced by Arizona Foods Group in Phoenix. Wherever you are in the country-frozen dessert retailers and food service providers alike-we can deliver happy customers with our high quality, premium frozen dessert products.

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